Depending on which item you ordered, upon receipt of our email you will be able to download various versions of the film:

  1. Full-length personal film
  2. 1-Minute (short) personal film
  3. Source film



This is the most complete version of the film, which includes:

  • All fragments from up to 25 of our cameras placed at various intervals along the race with you in star position
  • Beautiful views from a above
  • Two close ups where we zoom in on you
  • Data with your results


Download your full-length personal film in either of two quality options: MP4(HD) and MP4(SD)


MP4(HD) - film in maximum quality.

Use it to view on a stationary computer.

After processing by the channel codec, the film will remain in good quality.


MP4(SD) - compressed film

It is adapted for viewing on mobile devices.

Use it to save on your phone or send it to friends via various instant messengers.


Information for users of Apple equipment!

On Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac), the HD version of the movie is played without sound.

However, this only happens with volume mp4, so for viewing it is better to use the SD version.

Also, many people know that the some IPhone does not allow downloading any files when clicking on a link.

Therefore, to download movies you need to use third-party applications (instructions)



This is a shortened version of the film, which includes the most interesting fragments with your participation from 10 of our cameras place at various internals along the race.

Video length is 60 seconds.

File size does not exceed 25-30 MB.

This version of the film is adapted to be sent to by email and its length of 1 min allows you to upload it to Instagram in a few steps:

  • Send the movie via email by entering your address and clicking “send”.
  • After opening the file, save it on your device.
  • Share, for example in Instagram.

Attention! If you have not received your email from us, then your mail service limits the size of the files being sent or your mailbox is full. Try using another mail. Many main service providers allow you to receive files up to 25 MB.



It contains the same materials as the main film, but fragments of the source film:

  • longer
  • without slowdown effects
  • with original sound